April 2018 Playlist


I think it is time to come clean. Vinyl is my new addiction. And for those who know me, when I get into something, I really get into it. As music has become completely disposable, floating out there in the ether like so many other 1s and 0s, my urge to collect it has gone through many shifts. First, I stole everything (thank you Napster), then I started buying the occasional indie MP3 (you’re welcome iTunes, but it was mostly out of shame), then finally I starting paying to rent it from the sky (Spotify has dug its claws very deep). 

And in the end, I don’t have a physical collection anymore. Hence my $400 a month vinyl habit. It’s a daunting task, trying to rebuild a collection that spans a couple decades. And vinyl isn’t cheap. I’ll find myself in the record store holding OK Computer, The Traveling Wilburys and Marvin Gaye. My wallet can only afford one, but my heart wants them all. Helplessly, I just end up walking out with all three, Visa bill be damned. 

Just today I searched my neighbourhood for the new Durand Jones & The Indications. Endorphins rushed through my brain at the thought of adding it to my tiny collection. Old school soul like that would sound great on vinyl, Geoff, I promised myself. Three stores later I ended up with the new Leon Bridges instead as I had to special order Durand Jones.  

There’s lots of soul and rhythm & blues this month. 

The James Hunter Six album cover is a picture of the singer puffing on a cigarette and its really lazy to describe his voice as smoky, but unfortunately, it’s a fact.  

Ben Harper put out a proper blues record and it is excellent. 

It’s hard to disassociate Lord Huron from Thirteen Reasons Why; Netflix did a lot of good for his profile. Vide Noir is a lot of high gloss and sheen, but beneath it all, there’s still good songwriting. 

Song of the month: Black Moon Rising by Black Pumas. Just listen. 

I haven’t the faintest where she’s from or what she’s saying but Serol Serol is lovely, dreamy late-night music.  

Oh Maynard where are thou and why did you lend your voice to that steaming pile of trash that is the new A Perfect Circle. 

Thanks for reading and happy listening. 


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